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Online Bill
Columbus Light & Water is pleased to anounce our new bill pay service to our Residential Customers granting you the the opportunity to pay your bill (maximum amount is $500.00) by Internet or over the telephone. EDS is a company Central Service Association has partnered with to offer this service. You will pay $3.95 for credit card payments and $2.35 for EFT checks. These fees will be collected by EDS at the time of the transaction.

The link for Internet payment is

The toll free number to pay by phone is (866) 434-5432.

You must have your Columbus light and water department account number, amount of your bill and credit card information or bank information. EDS closes the batches for each day at 1:30 PM, central standard time and they send the batch to CL&W to post. So payments taken after 1:30 PM in the afternoon will not be posted until the following day around 3:00 PM.

We also have a link that customers can go to and View Their Bill. They will have to come in and get a user name and password to use this link. It is no charge to our customers.
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